Fill Tube 190384S


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Kirby part number 190384S.

Replaces Kirby part 190384.

It is important to confirm that the emtor that you are connecting this hose to is threaded.

This is the fill tube that fits inside the outer cloth bag. The tube connects to the emtor and to the disposable bag outlet.

Zip ties old separately.

Fits the following models if they have a THREADED emptor:

  • Generation 3 and G3D
  • Legend II
  • Legend
  • Heritage II
  • Kirby model 2HD (2-HD)
  • Heritage
  • Heritage 84
  • Kirby model 1HD (1-HD)

Will only fit Kirby G4 (G4D) and G5 (G5D) vacuums that have a threaded emtor, not a snap on style emtor.

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