Shampoo Brush Roll for Heritage Legend Classic

Also called the Rug Renovator and Kirby Carpet System brush roller.

Fits older Kirby vacuums with the Kirby Shampoo system.

This shampooer roller fits the Kirby:

  • Legend II
  • Legend
  • Heritage II
  • Kirby model 2HD (2-HD)
  • Heritage
  • Heritage 84
  • Kirby model 1HD (1-HD)
  • Tradition (3-CB, 3CB)
  • Classic (1-CR, 1CR)
  • Classic Omega (1-CB, 1CB)
  • Classic III (Classic 3, 2-CB, 2CB)
  • Sanitronic D50
  • Sanitronic D80

Also currently referred to as Kirby part 305864.

Replacement brush roller for Kirby vacuums that were made before 1990 and that have the Kirby shampooer carpet system.

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