Shampoo Nozzle Assembly - Polymer


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Replacement Shampoo nozzle, Kirby part 303112S and 303112.

This is the new Shampoo Nozzle assembly from Kirby.

It is made of Polymer. Kirby has retired the metal shampoo nozzle.

This nozzle can be used with shampoo system on Kirby:

  • Sentria 2 (Sentria II)
  • Sentria
  • G10 and G10D
  • The Ultimate G Diamond Edition
  • The Ultimate G
  • G7D and G7
  • G 2001 Limited Edition (G2001)
  • G 2000 Limited Edition (G2000)
  • Generation 6
  • Generation 5
  • Generation 4
  • G6 and G6D
  • Gsix (G six)
  • G5 and G5D
  • G4 and G4D
  • Generation 3 and G3D

This shampoo nozzle is colored for the Sentria 2, so it will fit but will not be a color match for all other units.

Replaces parts 303106S and 303106.

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