Shampoo Tank Sponge 307364G


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Replacement sponge for older Kirby vacuum shampoo tanks.

Examles of older Kirby vacuums with shampoo systems that use this sponge includes:

  • Legend II
  • Legend
  • Heritage II
  • Kirby model 2HD (2-HD)
  • Heritage
  • Heritage 84
  • Kirby model 1HD (1-HD)
  • Tradition (3-CB, 3CB)
  • Classic (1-CR, 1CR)
  • Classic Omega (1-CB, 1CB)
  • Classic III (Classic 3, 2-CB, 2CB)
  • Sanitronic D50
  • Sanitronic D80

Shampoo tank replacement sponge replacement part 307364G and 307364.

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